Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero: Lucas Haskins

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- He's been on the job less than six months, but employees at Warren RECC are already coming up with several nicknames for Lucas Haskins.

"Lucas is Warren RECC's Batman. I mean, basically he's got a little bit of Flash in him, he's kind of Iron Man driven, in really is our hero," says Danny Willis, Customer Service Supervisor.

He was shy about saying it himself, "It's um ... Lucas 'Life Saver' Haskins," says Lucas, trying not to smile.

But it's a common phrase around the office.

"He's always very willing to learn and very pleasant to work with," says Patty Kantosky, VP of Member and Customer Services.

On a typical day, Lucas works as a field rep for Warren RECC.

"Like read-ins and read-outs, disconnects and connects, transferring people," explains Lucas.

But on April 19th, he was late coming back from a routine service call.

"It was just a normal work day. I was driving down the road and I seen a guy on his lawn mower -- you know-- kind of slumped over. I kept going and was like, 'maybe he's just looking at his phone' but I was like, something ain't right. So I went back and parked my truck and got out. I tried to shake him. He had headphones on and he wasn't responding so I got the lawn mower turned off because the blades were still full blast and lawn mower was turned, you know, RPMs were all the way up. I immediately called 9-1-1," Lucas told 13 News.

Lucas used the training he'd learned from a previous fire course, then, EMS arrived on scene.

"I helped them [EMS] get him off the lawn mower," says Lucas. "I knew I needed just to back off and let them do their thing. There were probably four or five cars that passed after I did and none of them stopped."

When Lucas got back to the office, he explained what had happened to make him late.

"He goes immediately into the life-saving mode. You can't scenario train that," smiles Danny.

"We were very proud," adds Patty. "Just taking the time to help others. I think sometimes we get busy doing things for ourselves. We may not be willing to -- or take the time to help others."

"And that's one thing about Lucas. It wasn't just going and doing a job. He noticed somebody in trouble and wanted to help out," says Danny.

For stepping up in a time of need and placing community outreach as a top priority of the job, we honor Lucas Haskins with this week's Hughes and Coleman Hometown Hero.

Lucas says he never learned the man's name who he helped.
He doesn't think that man knows his name, either.

But he says exchanging names isn't the point, and recognition wasn't expected.

He just saw a situation where he could help, and jumped right in.

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