Hughes and Coleman Hometown Heroes: Jenny Dejarnette and Luke Metzger

Published: Feb. 21, 2020 at 2:25 PM CST
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A special bond was formed between a student and her two kindergarten teachers. Even though that student has now moved on to First Grade, that bond remains.

"Hannah just makes it easy she's a joy she loves school and she has always loved to be here," said Jenny Dejarnette, teacher.

"If I see her at lunch or when in the morning and we do a bathroom break I hug her," said Hannah Gorham, student.

Last year these three shared many laughs and still share laughter when they see each other passing in the halls. Ms. Dejarnette has been a teacher for 18 years and is involved with her students inside and outside the classroom.

"That is what I strive to as well go to ball games, recitals things outside of school, to let them know that you care about them personally as well as academically," added Dejarnette.

Ms. Dejarnette was inspired by her 5th-grade teacher to be a role model to her students. Now, to have Hannah seeing her in the same light, warms her heart.

"It is extremely touching, it is always exciting when kids come back and say you know I appreciate you--I love you," added Dejarnette.

When Hannah was a little nervous to perform in the school talent show, Mr. Luke stepped in and the two became a violin and guitar duo.

"Before I did it I was really nervous because I played my violin like at a recital but I had never done it like in front of the whole school," added Hannah.

"One day she actually came up to me and asked me if I would be in the talent show with her," said Luke Metzger, teacher. "So she was able to play a little violin song and I was able to play some guitar. I feel that really helped us to get to know each other even more than academically but an almost recreational relationship."

Hannah's mom is so grateful that her daughter had these amazing teachers for her first year of school, who made such a positive impact on her life.

"We were just floored by how loving the teachers were its obvious every time we went in the classroom that they loved each child and really wanted to make an impact in their life," said Nicole Gorham, Hannah's mom.

For going above and beyond in the classroom and their endless kindness, we honor Luke Metzger and Jenny Dejarnette as this week's Hughes and Coleman Hometown Heroes.

"If I am being honest I feel like everybody - staff members and teachers should all be interviewed for this as well because I think they are also Hometown Heroes," added Metzger.

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