Hundreds march and gather to honor Dr. Martin Luther King on Monday

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- On Monday morning, hundreds gathered to honor the late Dr. Martin Luther King. Jr. Events started taking place as early as last week, but on Monday it all began at a breakfast with guest speaker, Rev. Ford Huskey from Power House Church.

After, people met at the Warren County Justice Center for a march over to the State Street Baptist Church for music and more guest speakers.

"And I will love my neighbor. Who is my neighbor? Look to your left to your right, behind you in front of you, that is all your neighbors, and it has nothing to do with ethnicity," said Keynote Speaker, Jeremiah Castille, Minister at The Church at Brook Hills.

It's been almost half a century without Dr. King.

"The dream doesn't end at fifty years, the dream goes on until the end of time, so fifty years from now, 75 years from now, let's see where we're at," said Ryan Dearbone, President of MLK Planning Committee, "and hopefully some of the things that are still some of the darkness and anger hopefully that's eradicated."

"It's important to celebrate all of the individuals who have contributed to getting us to where we are now, and Dr. king played an important role in our civil rights," said Aurelia Spalding who attended the MLK Memorial Celebration.

The event consisted of powerful music, and an even more powerful message from former NFL player and minister, Jeremiah Castille.

"As we look at Dr. King's life, our lives should be lives that when it's all said and done should be a life of excellence," said Castille.

"To worship together, to learn together, to fellowship together is really important," said Spalding.

Each person walked away enlightened.

"It's always inspiring, especially when a multi-racial group, multi-generational group, gets together to reinforce that message and to rededicate ourselves to it"

"Life would be better if everyone treated somebody like they wanted to be treated," said William Parrish who attended the MLK Memorial Celebration.

Monday's events were proof that Dr. King's dream is being carried out.

Castille won one national championship at Alabama, and played 6 seasons in the NFL with the Buccaneers and Broncos. He is currently the minister at The Church at Brook Hills and is the Chaplain for the University of Alabama football team.

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