I-65/Natcher Parkway construction causing problems for drivers as roadwork wraps up

Published: Aug. 9, 2017 at 5:22 PM CDT
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There have been several automobile accidents near construction areas on both the Natcher Parkway and I-65 over the past few weeks.

One accident last month claimed the lives of 5 members of an Indiana family near mile marker 28 on I-65. On Tuesday night, at least one person was airlifted after a multi-car collision near mile marker 23.

On the Natcher Parkway, there have been several reports of tractor trailers flipping after being run off the road.

In some of the accidents, construction is believed to have played some kind of role according to police.

But when can we expect the roadways to be clear of construction again?

"We've had a lot of construction going on this season which is both a good and a bad thing," says Wes Watt of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, "but once we're done we're going to have some nice new surfaces to drive on."

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says that construction on both I-65 and the Natcher Parkway should be finished by the end of August, but even after that, there's still other projects to come.

"We'll have another big major project coming up the first of September at exit 28 on Kentucky [Highway] 446," explains Watt. "We're going to be completely rehabbing that entire stretch of roadway. The traffic impact once we get started there is going to be pretty treacherous."

Watt says without everybody's cooperation, especially larger vehicles, the roadways could potentially become hazardous.

"There's a lot of factors that work against a bigger truck, which is why it's even more important for people in larger vehicles, especially semi-trucks, to pay attention and be alert," he goes on. "It's also important for the smaller vehicles to be aware of the larger vehicles, because we all want to be safe on the road. It's going to take everybody doing those things to increase the chances of everybody being safe."

Watt wants to remind drivers of larger vehicles how much harm they can cause to smaller cars, especially at high rates of speed.

The project near exit 28 should be finished by November, but come Labor day, drivers should be aware of heavily congested traffic near that exit.