INTERVIEW: Sen. Paul and his wife, Kelley open up about November attack

Published: Jul. 3, 2018 at 6:18 PM CDT
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Eight months after he was attacked by his neighbor, Senator Rand Paul and his wife, Kelley are talking about it, in an interview with 13 News Reporter, Kelly Dean. The couple opened up about the incident, and the past year.

"Obviously nobody deserves this, he certainly did not," said Kelley in tears. "And we never knew that we live next to a person that had this kind of rage toward us."

Rand and Kelley Paul open up about the November attack where Paul's neighbor Rene Boucher admitted to attacking him on the Paul's property.

"He was running so hard that the two of us, by the time he hit me, probably carried me 10 feet down the hill," said Sen. Paul. "I mean this was an impact my doctors have said that they've almost never seen six ribs broken in an assault - it's usually a car accident."

"I had six broken ribs, I also had bleeding from ruptured arteries, around the ribs, I had fluid around the lungs and then I had sort of a condensation, an area in the lungs about this big that sort of collapsed upon itself, and I couldn't get air into that,"

Boucher claims the outrage was out of sheer frustration from several brush piles.

"This case has always been about yard maintenance, or the lack of it I should say," said Matt Baker, Rene Boucher's attorney.

The Paul's said this yard control concern was never brought to their attention.

"He never ever talk to us, expressed his displeasure over anything. He also never made a formal complaint -- but here's the weird thing. Let's say he had, does that justify breaking someone's ribs?" said Sen. Paul.

During the sit down interview inside their Bowling Green home, the two haven't been as open about the incident up until now.

"Seeing Rand suffer in that kind of pain, and have that level of injury, and then see people in the media ridicule it or make fun of it," said Kelley. "Me, as his wife who you know loves Rand, and seeing him suffer like that, that was extremely hurtful. And the dialogue and the discourse just really bothered me."

Boucher was sentenced in federal court to 30 days in prison a few weeks ago, and the United States filed a motion Friday to appeal the sentence.

"I think 21 months would send a message both to him, but also to other people who are out there that are really angry and upset - no matter what they're upset about - that there are repercussions," said Sen. Paul.

Boucher's attorney, Matt Baker said his client accepted the punishment in federal court.

"He has even publicly apologized to the Paul's, but that apology apparently and obviously been rejected," said Baker. "Not only are we dealing with an appeal of that sentence, but we're also dealing with a newly filed civil personal injury suit."

In return, Boucher is countersuing Rand, his wife Kelley and the Homeowners Association.

"Dr. Boucher did bring a couple of complaints to the attention of members of the board prior to all of this, but nothing was ever done to follow up on," explained Baker.

Since the attack and with Boucher still near, the Paul's said they haven't felt safe.

"I mean Bowling Green is our safe sanctuary, and we've lived in this home for twenty three years and we love it," said Kelley. "This is where we always feel the safest and most secure, and for Rand to be attacked by someone he couldn't see or couldn't hear - and in our own backyard in such a vicious way."

While they've filed a restraining order against Rand's attacker, a recent statement letter by Kelley states Boucher has violated the order in such ways as approaching her on a run in the neighborhood.

For now, Rand says he will continue to do his own yardwork when he's home and able.

"The pain now is more of a chronic pain, I probably will just have to live with the pain," explained Sen. Paul.

Boucher's attorney said he's trying to move forward.

"That having been said, he is going to defend himself in the civil suit, he is going to file a motion to dismiss the federal appeal to the Sixth Circuit and we're going to go forward with the claims and counterclaims in state court," said Baker.

Sitting in the comfort of her own home, a politician's wife fights tears, hoping that through both of them opening up, this of many others messages are delivered.

"I think we have to do better as a country somehow to get away from all this anger and that people think violence is the answer to their anger," said Sen. Paul.

"I am so grateful everyday to God that he's okay and," said Kelley. "We have a great and loving and supportive family and we'll we'll we'll be fine we'll be fine."

Baker said he doesn't have any immediate plans to move from his Bowling Green home.He also said they recently went to take pictures of the brush on the Paul's property for evidence, but it had been cleaned up.