Illegal Dumping taking place in Bowling Green

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Tremayne Taylor is the owner of the lot on the corner of Power St. and Boatlanding Rd. that has become one of the many illegal dumping sites in and around Bowling Green.

Due to the excessive illegal dumping on his property, Taylor has installed security cameras, captured video and licence plates of the perpetrators, and filed a report with the police.

Stan Reagan, the Coordinator of Environmental Planning and Assistance for Warren County, has seen illegal dumping as a growing problem in the area and continues to apply for illegal dump cleanup grants through the Kentucky Pride Funds.

With these grants, the state matches the clean up cost 75% and the county picks up the other 25%.

Reagan says there are many alternatives to illegal dumping in Warren County.

He says, “When you have trash collection in Warren County, as every residence and business owner is required to have, those things can go away, and it’s a whole lot cheaper than loading that junk up and dumping it on someone else's property that you don’t have control of.”

Reagan says he will be issuing a contract to clean this dump sight and about 8 others up in the next two weeks when the fiscal court acts on his bids that they opened up.

If you get caught dumping illegally, you could get charge up to a $500 fine or be charged with a felony.

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