Indoor recreational park opening in Bowling Green

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- A group of immigrants came to Bowling Green to fulfill their dream of building a recreational facility. That dream is now coming true as they work, turning an old tire shop on Kentucky Street into just that.

"I'm afraid of heights though," said Josue Javier, as stood feet into the air, on a scissor lift table. He was prepared to face his fear to continue on his American Flag mural on the outside of the building. "My love for this nation is bigger than my fear for heights."

13 stripes, 50 stars, all hand painted.

"It should be done in the next few days," explained Javier, co-owner of the recreational center about to open.

Javier placed those star and stripes on the side of a warehouse, almost as carefully and methodically as Betsy Ross had.

"The idea for the mural, the American Flag, is it really is more of a token of our love for this nation, and the appreciation," said Javier. "If you're willing to work you can make it."

Four men from Venezuela and Mexico, all with one similar dream.

"As many of the immigrants, we came here just to make it, and have a better life," said Javier. "We acquired this property and our goal was to do a fun recreational center."

That dream now coming to light here in Bowling Green at what they're calling the 'Fun Station.'

"We're gonna do a playground for kids, and also we're gonna do an indoor go cart. It's going to be fully electric."

They'll be transforming the entire stretch of property that is currently an old tire shop on Kentucky Street.

The facility has plenty of space, and a lot of sweat put in.

"And this is where the race track is going to go, all this way," explained Javier. "It's been a long ways, but we're almost there. it doesn't look like much, but we're almost there."

The men hope to have it completed in the next few months.

"Open seven days a week, so we're very excited."

Overall, they say they're giving back to Bowling Green, the dream that was given to them.

"That's our commitment to the city, and the population that lives nearby. We're very excited."

From designing, to engineering, these men said they are doing everything to prepare the facility all by themselves. They also plan to use all the old tires left behind at the shop, and incorporate that into their design.

"We're here, this is our home now. We are embracing this nation," added Javier.

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