Industrial development: What does the next decade look like for Bowling Green/Warren County?

Published: Feb. 17, 2020 at 5:30 PM CST
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At the South Central Kentucky Industrial Park officials are developing some of the last available plots of land.

In the last few years, Bowling Green and Warren County have seen major growth in the industrial sector.

Since the park opened, it has become home to more than 20 companies, familiar names like Bendix, Kobelco, and Georgia Pacific.

All the companies combined employ around 4,200 people.

However, with the South Central Kentucky Industrial Park nearly full, so what does growth look like in the next 10, 20, or 30 years?

"For the last several years we've been looking to identify property to expand our available industrial properties, cause primarily that is what we're focused on not so much the commercial growth as the industrial and we've recently out at the Transpark area acquired 300 additional acres," said Ron Bunch, President and CEO of the Bowling Green Area Chamber of Commerce.

Bunch told 13 News the latest developments in the South Central Kentucky Industrial Park involve partnerships between local banks, contractors, and engineers. He says the growth of the park has caused a trickle-down effect that boosts nearly all businesses in Bowling Green.

With 2020 comes a new decade for economic growth and officials say with to continue the region's success they plan to have a two-part approach; attracting new companies that complement existing businesses and new companies to diversify the market.

"We recruit companies that you see that are already present here, so automotive manufacturing, food-related, plastics, transportation distribution logistics, so those are the kinds of companies that we recruit because you already have companies here that are already being successful," said Bunch.

Officials say looking to the future they hope to potentially bring technology-based and operations jobs.

Once construction at the South Central Kentucky Industrial Park is complete, officials expect to add several hundred additional jobs.