Industry Day introduces career options after high school

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GLASGOW, Ky. (WBKO) -- Barren County, Glasgow and Cavern High School seniors explored the local industries on Thursday to learn about local career options once they graduate. A full day dedicated to learning for the day they leave the high school classroom, according to Barren County Judge Executive Michael Hale.

"We need to let our young people know there's opportunities right here in Barren County for them."

With a big percentage of students not planning to attend college, Michael Hale says there's no excuse to not introduce them to other options.

"About 51 percent of our students are not going to go to college. If we can help them obtain a career, or a job, a chance for higher education, industry is here to help them."

As Barren, Glasgow and Caverna students walked through the local industries like Felker Brothers and ACK, Barren County High School senior Rebecca Hurley took her time to study the environment.

"This is a great experience for me. It's been extremely interesting to see how the machines work, what they do, how they form all the different metals," Rebecca Hurley added.

Rebecca mentioned she'll study civil engineering once she graduates high school. Although studying is a major part of her soon-to-be major, she says shaking hands is just as important.

"Connections in community really mean a lot later on in life I've discovered, even though I'm just now getting out of high school. So, I'm really excited to meet the people."

As she toured the floors with her classmates, Rebecca Hurley says her experiences on Thursday would never have happened while sitting at a desk.

"I love the automated lines that came after robotics. That caught my interest because it was something different, you don't see that every day."

Schools systems and faculty like Barren County Schools College and Career Development Coordinator Amy Irwin hoping their students came back with a better understanding of what could possibly be in their future.

"Hopefully they got to experience some new things, new careers that they hadn't considered before."

"Success for all students is our goal. We want every student to find a career pathway and employment upon graduation," Amy Irwin mentioned.

A full day of discovery, leaving Rebecca and her classmates with a better understanding of their own community.

"I would definitely tell the seniors to come on this trip. After coming to these places, it's really opened my eyes to what some of the jobs in Glasgow, Kentucky are," Rebecca Hurley stated.

To the 11 industries who took time out of their day to introduce the students to what they're all about, Amy Irwin, Michael Hale and Rebecca Hurley say thank you for making Thursday possible.

As for more post-high school opportunities, Barren County High School will host a college and career fair on Monday, October 24th.

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