Insulin for all meet-up in Bowling Green

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky Diabetes is a disease that can strike anyone regardless of age, gender or race.

Insulin is used to treat the disease and at a community meeting on Wednesday night at the Bob Kirby Library Branch, where several people voiced their concerns about how the surge of insulin prices is affecting their daily lives.

The advocacy group who helped bring the event to Bowling Green is the Kentucky Ohio and Indiana Insulin for All, an advocacy group that's been working to make insulin affordable and accessible for all people who need it, type 1 and type 2 diabetics.

"The price of insulin has skyrocketed within the last three or four years, it really is a public health crisis." says Democratic State Representative Patti Minter.

Minter is co-sponsoring a bill aimed at bringing awareness to the surging price of insulin.

"And this bill which is HR 105 is a bill that would make insulin more affordable for people by capping people's out of pocket cost for a 30 day supply." State. Rep. Patti Minter.

In essence the new bill proposes that no matter the dosage of insulin the person may need the cost would be capped at $100 out of pocket.

"By capping the cost at $100 we know that people when they take the insulin they need to control their blood sugar they're gonna have better health outcomes down the road."

A cause that is very near and dear to Minter's heart.

"My son lives with type 1 diabetes, so I know first hand how much his use of insulin has gone up. If he hadn't been able to have access to this life-saving drug and have access to the amount of the drug that he needed, he's a healthy child now, he wouldn't be, if we had had to ration his insulin." -- Patti Minter.

Sarah Ferguson the Kentucky Leader at KOI #Insulin4all says "but somebody who is uninsured is not gonna be helped by something like this, you need to have the insurance."