'Interesting' race for Kentucky Governor underway between Bevin and Beshear

(WBKO) -- Multiple lawsuits, longstanding feuds and name calling are what lies between gubernational candidates Andy Beshear and Governor Matt Bevin.

Compelling is a words many folks are using to describe the race for Kentucky Governor.

"Get ready, it's going to be an interesting campaign," said incumbent, Governor Matt Bevin (R-KY).

Gov. Bevin won the Republican nomination Tuesday night with just over 50% of the vote.

"Though it was a low turn out as expected, it was a much better turnout than anyone expected. Better than last time even four years ago," he said.

However, his democratic opponent, Andy Beshear (D-KY) seemed to believe the numbers in the primary were very telling.

"We did something we're going to do in November -- we got more raw votes than Matt Bevin," said Beshear.

In each nominees victory speeches, both blatantly attacked one another which something they're keen of.

"People have this choice. They want four more years of empty Beshear, they have that opportunity," said Gov. Bevin.

"He is wrong on virtually every single issue and he knows if he doesn't distract us he will lose," said Beshear.

The national abortion debate was even brought to the table here in Kentucky between both nominees. Beshear recently accepted an endorsement from NARAL, a pro choice organization saying he has, "done more than just talk when it comes to a woman's right to choose."

"Ralph and myself who are strongly pro life and supported by President Trump and supportive of the values of people of Kentucky," said Gov. Bevin.

In a newly released campaign video for the general election, Gov. Bevin emulated a similar message to what he said Tuesday night when he called Beshear "stale."

"Democrat party is doing nothing but recycling old, stale outdated names with tired, stale outdated ideas," he said Tuesday in his victory speech.

Beshear however, stated something similar to that of Gov. Bevin.

"Matt Bevin is going to try to make this election about anything other than his record because it is one of total failure," said Beshear.

The next five months of campaigning will come down to the day of November 5, which will ultimately reflect what a majority of Kentuckians want. Right now, the seat is up for grabs, and the getting it knows no bounds.

"Conservative vs. liberal. Black and white. Night and day," said Gov. Bevin when describing himself and his opponent.

"It's not about right vs. left. It's about right vs. wrong," said Beshear.

In Bevin's speech Tuesday night, he did say he was open to debates before the general election.