International Center of Kentucky speaks out on illegal immigration

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- President Trump addressed the nation on Tuesday evening on the Humanitarian and National Security Crisis.

With the government shutdown on its third week and no agreement between parties, the funding question continues.

The International Center of Kentucky spoke on their stance on the issue and say the topic of immigration is more complex than it seems.

Albert Mbanfu the Executive Director of the International Center of Kentucky says, "Talking about immigration - we should look at - focus our attention on all of the elements that make us vulnerable, meaning air sea and land and not only the southern border. If you are focusing only on the southern border you are just trying to close the window while leaving the door open."

He continued.

"If you want to tackle the problem, you have to look at it from a global perspective: How are people coming into the country?What's making people overstay? What's forcing people to come into America? What's making people even think of coming here?" He added, "We should focus on a comprehensive immigration reform."

Mbanfu says we can tackle the problem by focusing the attention on different areas.

"If we tackle the issue of overstayed visas, e-verify, investing in technology, talking to our allies, talking to border countries finding out how we can assist them, to provide hope to their people, that would be a better way of mitigating some of the issues that we may find in the southern border and other countries where we have many of these immigrants coming from."

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