Investigation into Bowling Green gas leak continues; Lost River Cave reopens tours

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- An investigation into a gas leak continues in Bowling Green around the Lost River Cave area.

State officials are trying to determine the exact source of the leak, but after installing a fan in a nearby sinkhole, the smell of gas has slowly but steadily gone away.

According to Lost River Cave's Director and CEO Rho Lansden, the gas never got into any groundwater.

"It was always just a vapor in the air," she said.

Lansden said staff members started smelling the gas in the cave air at the end of March. After that, they decided to close boat and cave tours to be on the safe side, but she said the levels never reached a point to be dangerous.

"The cave was actually closed for a little over 30 days," said Lansden.

She went on to say, "In every bit of this we've wanted to be overly cautious, overly sensitive of people's concerns. I want to know, just as a citizen of Bowling Green, what is going on in the underground cave system."

Earlier this week, tours re-opened inside the cave.

"For the past 10 days we haven't had the smell of gasoline at all," she added.

She also said meters in the cave are still being checked multiple times each day, and for more than a week, those meters have read zero vapors in the cave air.

Field-trips and other activities are back on regular schedules.

"There's been a lot of smiles on the people who work here this week," said Lansden. "We really didn't want people's memories of Lost River Cave to include the smell of gasoline."

According to state officials, the investigation is still ongoing. They say samples have been taken and results should be back within the coming weeks.

As long as these meters continue to read zero vapors in the air, Lost River Cave will continue its tours on a regular schedule.

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