Journalist receives courageous reporting award

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky --- A reporter from Mexico received an award for courageous reporting at Western Kentucky University on Thursday.

Marcela Turati accepted The Award for Courageous International Reporting which is sponsored by the Fleischaker/Greene Fund for Excellence in First Amendment Issues at WKU.

Turati is a reporter for the magazine Proceso where she covers human rights, social development and the affect of drug violence and its victims.

"We are dealing in these difficult moments with a lot of violence - covering violence - and we are working with the victims of this violence so I consider that it's not just only an award for me, but it's for the whole Mexican journalists who are dealing daily with this coverage," said Turati.

Aside from this award, the sponsor also gives top students at WKU the opportunity to take an advanced special topics class and brings nationally recognized journalism speakers to campus.

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