Bombshell dropped on Daisy Olivo's claims against Jeff Hoover

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WBKO) -- A bombshell has been dropped on the claims Daisy Olivo has made against former Kentucky House Speaker Jeff Hoover.

Olivo, the spokeswoman for the Kentucky Republicans, filed a lawsuit Monday, claiming she was retaliated against for reporting official misconduct. She also said Hoover had a sexual relationship with a woman in his office, and used money from political donors to help pay her a secret settlement outside of court.

Hoover responded saying in part "I have never engaged in sexual contact of any kind with any staff member during my 21 years in Frankfort. Never." He went on to say he welcomes the investigation by the ethics commission, and is looking forward to certain persons having to answer questions under oath. The former speaker said he is confident he and the others mentioned in the sexual harassment allegation will be vindicated.

Monday night our 13 News room received an email from Representative Hoover containing a statement from Garry Adams, the attorney representing the complainant in the original suit.

It says "We represent the former LRC employee who made a claim against four legislators and another employee. Those claims were resolved in an expeditious and fair manner to the satisfaction of all parties. We have reviewed the complaint filed by Daisy Olivo against the LRC. In her complaint, Ms. Olivo states that former Speaker Hoover and our client engaged in sexual relations. Our client has confirmed this is absolutely not true. Likewise, our client was not coerced into resolving the matter. Among numerous inaccurate matters alleged by Ms. Olivo, our client did not advise her that the matter was resolved with 'private funds pooled by prominent campaign donors.' Based upon the investigation and documents provided to the Middleton law firm we are confident that political donor money was not used by any of those named in settlement of this claim."

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