Jennings Creek Elementary will get playground

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Jennings Creek Elementary will be getting a playground.

The school will receive the funding from the school board and will be paid back.

School principal Jamie Woosley is excited about getting the final piece of the campus and thanked McDonald's for their contribution.

"You know we want our kids to have the best education and we want them to be, to have a nice playground to go out at recess and enjoy. I just, I really want to thank McDonald's for reaching out to partner with us it means so much, I think they said that their sales tripled that night, and that's just a testament to how much the community comes together to support things that's important and what's more important than our kids."

Principal Woosley hopes to have the playground done by the end of this school year, weather permitting.

McDonald's partnered with the school last week to help them fund the effort for the playground.

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