Joshua Crouch pleads not guilty to murdering his girlfriend

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According to court documents, Crouch was previously arrested for assaulting Riggsbee last June.

He pleaded guilty last July and was sentenced to a year in jail.

He was released after serving only 24 days of that sentence.

The man accused of stabbing his girlfriend, Tracy Riggsbee was arraigned in court Wednesday morning.

Joshua Crouch plead not guilty to the murder of Tracy Riggsbee.

Police called the Sunday stabbing a murder-domestic violence case.

Tracy Riggsbee and Joshua Crouch of Bowling Green were believed to be in a relationship.

The two had supposedly been at Crouch's uncle house when the incident unfolded.

"Seemed like they were just arguing all day and one thing led to another," said Ricky Miller, uncle of Crouch/witness.

Crouch was eventually found walking along the Natcher in Butler County where he was picked up and identified by tattoos.

On Wednesday, the Court deemed Crouch as a "high risk level." His preliminary hearing was tentatively set for Friday, February 15 at 9 a.m.

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