KEA president supports adjournment of KY Special Session

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WBKO) – A statement from KEA President Stephanie Winkler regarding adjournment of the special session:

“The KEA applauds the members of the House for standing up against the political circus created by Governor Bevin and voting to adjourn the special session of the General Assembly. Real leadership from these legislators demonstrates what our Commonwealth desperately needs: Serious and sober consideration for the rule of law.

“Real and effective solutions to our pension systems will not be solved by political games and chaos created by an ineffective executive, but by engaging in a democratic process that allows all who have a stake in it to be heard. That includes educators, police officers, firefighters, public employees and the taxpayers of Kentucky. It’s our hope that a unanimous rebuke by the state Supreme Court last week and an admonishment by legislators tonight will finally make that clear to the governor.

“Serious issues and solutions should be considered critically and deliberatively. There is no room for shortcuts in democracy. It’s time the governor learned such an important lesson once and for all. It’s time he did what’s best for all Kentuckians, not just his own political agenda.”