KHSAA commissioner Julian Tackett talks about the return of high school athletics

Published: May. 12, 2020 at 5:18 PM CDT
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When could we see a return to high school sports in Kentucky? As our state continues to re-open, that is a question is on the minds of thousands of high school athletes and parents.

Governor Beshear has set a date of June 15th for the return of outdoor, low contact youth sports, but not one for high school athletics.

KHSAA commissioner Julian Tackett is worried about the delay of when this date will be set.

"If you look at the standards that are out there. And these are the one sent out by the White House and not the Governor. The standards that are out there I don't know how you have sports in phase one or phase two. Phase one is not very protective and phase two requires so much PPE I can not imagine our schools having the resources to have onsite test that are required in phase two of the thing that was originally released by the White House."

As of now the KHSAA dead period ends July 1st. So when the state does get the "ok" to start practice we could see counties in Kentucky begin practicing before others. As Tackett says he will give that responsibility to the school administrators.

"If i am sitting in Bowling Green right now I think the news that I got the last couple of weeks is pushing me back because we have had a ramped up number of cases down there."

No matter when athletics returns, we do know one thing. Sports in the commonwealth will look drastically different this year than it ever has before.

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