KY 101 & US 68-80 four way stop and safety features installed Wednesday

Published: May. 1, 2019 at 3:50 PM CDT
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Construction began at the early morning hours of Wednesday in the Smiths Grove area at the intersection of Kentucky 101 and US 68-80 which will now be a four-way stop.

"There are a lot of safety features; it's not just stop signs placed at the intersections," said Wes Watt, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet District 3.

Increased crash data in this area is the reason behind this project.

"There have been nearly 40 crashes in a three-year period at this intersection," said Watt. "The folks on Kentucky 101 who had stopped at their stop sign, pulling out in front of those who were going full speed on US 68."

Now, the project goes beyond just simply installing some additional stop signs.

"We have duel mounted oversize stop ahead signs well before the intersection, flashing beacon lights at the intersection is going to stay as well, and then we are also putting down rumble strips well in advance of the intersection on US 68," said Watt.

According to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, this is an all hands on deck project in order to beat the rain coming Thursday.

"Then after today the intersection will be ready to go," said Watt.

So if you are used to driving in this area, please use caution and remember starting now there will be stops all four ways.