KY Teacher Hall of Fame Inductee leaves lasting impression

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The Louie B. Nunn Kentucky Teacher Hall of Fame has a new inductee. Amy Bingham introduces us to her in this week's View from he Hill.

Nancy Duncan spent decades teaching subjects like home economics and science, all while writing grants to get other programs for students off the ground.

“As I became a teacher I realized mom was almost super woman."It was Pam Duncan who nominated her mother Nancy for the 11th class of the Louie B.Nunn Kentucky Teacher Hall of Fame. "Be a wonderful wife, be a wonderful mother, be a wonderful church member and influence all these lives in education.”Many of the people Duncan impacted over the years gathered at the state capitol to see her receive this honor. “I’ve always wanted my students to shine. I’ve always wanted them to be important. So for me to be brought out is not characteristic of my personality.”In addition to teaching Home Ec. and Science, Duncan started programs like a science fair, a dinner theatre, even an in-school nursery."Despite it being frowned upon by many of her peers, Mrs. Ducan wrote the federal grant and established the first nursery for student mothers at Woodford County High School." “At the high school I had students that were dropping out because they had young children. Well, I wasn’t there to judge them, I was there to educate them.”Pam says it wasn’t until she started teaching, that she realized all her mother had juggled. “Where the nursery was and where the ESS programs were and I thought we have a different person that does all of this. Mom did all that when she was here, by herself!”

Duncan began her teaching career at Auburn high school in 1965 and retired from Woodford County High in 1998. WKU is the home of the Teacher Hall of Fame which was created in 2000 by Former Governor Louie B. Nunn.

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