KYTC urges drivers to be cautious during Natcher Parkway updates

Published: Aug. 8, 2018 at 6:08 PM CDT
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As construction continues on the Natcher Parkway, the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is urging drivers to be cautious as several safety issues could arise from distracted driving.

The project consists of widening the bridge over the railroad track and extending merge ramps on both exits six and seven.

"It'll be a good thing, it'll be a noticeable difference when we're done," said Wes Watt, with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

The main concern is safety and traffic delays that the construction will cause at least until the end of the year, potentially into the start of next year.

"There is a stop condition on the ramps, meaning that there are stop signs placed, and that people need to stop and make sure it's clear before getting on to the parkway," Watt said of the main concerns.

In just 10 minutes beside one of the stop signs that lead to the Natcher, five vehicles blatantly ignored the stop sign. This is exactly what the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is urging you NOT to do.

"We need people to actually stop, and make sure it's clear before they actually get on the parkway." Watt said.

Several other things to keep in mind include slowing your speed to the posted 55mph limit, paying attention to the workers and keeping your eyes on the road.

"Get off the cell phone and really watch what you're doing 'cause it's pretty narrow in those spaces particularly at the bridges," Watt said about things to keep in mind while driving.

The updates will take quite a bit longer, but being safe is a priority especially in construction zones like this one.

"We're just asking for people to be patient, and folks to utilize some safety when traveling through that area."