Katie Bloomfield’s 6th Grade Class

The JA Classroom of the Week is Katie Bloomfield’s 6 th grade class at Briarwood Elementary. Her class was led by JA Volunteer Nick Shutt who is the Director of Global Logistics at Camping World, Inc. The 6th grade Junior Achievement program is titled “JA Global Marketplace” which focuses on providing practical information about the key aspects of the global economy, what makes world trade work, and how trade affects students' daily lives. Nick’s favorite part of volunteering for JA is the the interaction with the kids as well as being able to personally continue to learn. He also said, “I have been really impressed with the education the children are getting. They are really bright. The Global Marketplace program presents them with some very difficult concepts, and they have no problem grasping the material quickly.” Nick is volunteering with JA as part of the Camping World Good Samaritan Volunteer program, which encourages all Camping World employees to give back of their time and talents to the community.