Kentucky Attorney General's Office continues to warn of price gouging amid pandemic

Published: Apr. 30, 2020 at 5:47 PM CDT
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Some people are trying to take advantage of people financially during this pandemic, and price gouging continues to be an issue.

"It's one thing to be concerned about contracting the virus. It's another thing to try have to think about financial hardships that come along with being subjected to some kind of fraud or COVID-19 scam," said Daniel Cameron, Kentucky Attorney General.

Cameron's office is responsible for investigating price gouging. He says they've received over 2,500 complaints so far.

In March, Amazon worked with Cameron's office to identify the top price gougers based in Kentucky.

"So every day, I've got people working all hands on deck, responding to the reports and complaints that we receive. We issued six cease and desist orders to third party sellers on Amazon and some instances were overcharging people up to 1900 percent," explained Cameron.

To report a price gouging incident in Kentucky, click