Kentucky Lottery celebrates 30th anniversary

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The Kentucky Lottery is celebrating its 30th anniversary.

Lottery sales began in the Bluegrass on April 4th, 1989 and generated 27 million dollars in its first week.

Since then, the lottery has generated 5 billion dollars with almost 2 billion dollars going toward Kentucky's general fund and the Seek program, which funds K-12 education.

More than 3 billion dollars went to grant and scholarship programs to help defray Kentuckian's college educational costs.
Kees money is one way the Kentucky lottery tries to keep students from attending schools outside Kentucky and stay in the commonwealth.

"We feel like with them being able to continue their education. Its keeping those students here in Kentucky." said Kentucky Lottery Communications Specialist, Jennifer Cunningham.

One out of every five Kentucky residents has received a grant or scholarship from the lottery's educational assistance fund.

Programs that are funded through the lottery include the Kentucky educational excellence scholarship or "Kees", the work-ready Kentucky scholarship and the dual credit scholarship program.

The total amount awarded to Warren County students in 2018 was over 5 million dollars.

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