Kentucky Rep. James Comer on board train that crashed in Virginia

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CROZET, Va. (WBKO) -- Kentucky Congressman James Comer was on board a train that crashed into a garbage truck Tuesday, killing at least one passenger.

Rep. Comer was in Passenger Car No. 8, reading, when the accident happened.

"About two hours into the train ride, we just had a massive impact and it was obvious we had hit something and everyone in the train car where I am went forward," he told 13 News' Sean Baute.

Comer, along with about 100 other GOP lawmakers were en route to a retreat in West Virginia, when their AMTRAK train struck a vehicle on the tracks.

"I looked out the window and I could see that a truck had been hit., and it was still kind of rolling," he recalled, "and there were two bodies that had been ejected from the vehicle on the ground."

Comer said the medical personnel on board the train acted quickly, including doctors who are members of Congress.

"We have one house doctor and about four members of Congress that are on the train that are that are doctors," he explained.

The doctors were able to provide enough help for one passenger of the truck until further medical help arrived. Unfortunately, the other passenger in the truck didn't fare the same.

"[Doctors] exited the train and performed CPR on both victims and unfortunately one did not make it," said Comer. "The other one they kept alive long enough for an air-evac to land and take them off."

Comer also said most injuries inside the train were minor, only some bumps and bruises.

"I'm fine and I'm very blessed that I'm OK," he added of himself.

The Congressmen and Congresswomen on board were picked up to be taken to their retreat in West Virginia by bus.

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