Kentucky county clerks prepare for recanvass

Bourbon County Clerk Richard Still Eads does not believe the recanvass will change the winner of Kentucky's 2019 gubernatorial race.
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(WBKO/WAVE/WKYT) -- Kentucky county clerks are preparing for a recanvass of votes requested by Governor Matt Bevin.

The current numbers have the Republican incumbent about 5,000 votes short of Democratic challenger Andy Beshear.

13 News and our sister stations across the state have been asking county clerks what they expect to see November 14, when they convene to check totals once again.

Clark County Clerk Michelle Turner said the process could take as little as an hour.

Bourbon County Clerk Richard Still Eads said he doesn't think it'll change the outcome.

"There shouldn't be any discrepancy of 5000 in the votes," Eads said. "Of course he may prove me wrong, but I don't see that, and I've been clerk for 25 years."

Warren County Clerk Lynette Yates also said she does not expect the recanvass to change the winner.

Clerks said they are not aware of any statewide irregularities in voting like the ones Bevin referenced at a Wednesday press conference.

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