Kentucky has the 8th biggest unemployment increase due to COVID-19

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The coronavirus has significantly impacted the United States economy over the past two months.

Unemployment numbers have risen to its highest level since the great depression in the 1900s.

The state of Kentucky has seen a significant impact over the past three months with unemployment claims.

"Looking at the start of this really just hit the U.S, Kentucky actually has the third-highest increase of unemployment overall," said Jill Gonzalez, WalletHub analyst.

According to data analysts, Kentucky now has the 8th biggest Increase in unemployment claims due to COVID-19.

"So Kentucky just over the last week ranked 8th in terms of its unemployment increase," added Gonzalez. "So that is not as high as states like Florida, Georgia, Virginia, Mississippi, but definitely you know a bigger increase than many other states including New York, California West Virginia, and New Jersey just to name a few."

According to Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet data for the month of April our unemployment insurance claims were around 15.4% compared to the 14.7% national average.

"So the real increase started around March 16th--around mid-March and I would say it really swelled about a month later in mid-April. You do have to keep in mind most states have very outdated systems so a lot of people were not able to get through the claims were a little bit delayed. That is why we are still seeing such high numbers continue now through May," added Gonzalez.

According to the Kentucky Education and Workforce Development Cabinet, the preliminary April 2020 jobless rate was up 10.2 percentage points from March 2020 and up 11.1 percentage points from the 4.3 percent recorded for the state in April 2019.

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