Kentucky retired marine honored at SOTU

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WBKO)---- One of President trump's State of the Union Address was a retired Marine and Iraq War veteran from Kentucky who was also the first double amputee to re-enlist in the Marine Corps after an injury in the line of duty.

Cpl. Matthew Bradford deployed to Iraq in 2006 and, after stepping on an improvised explosive device in 2007, lost his vision and both of his legs. He didn't let this get in his way, though, when he re-enlisted in the Marine Corps in 2010 after surgeries and physical therapy.

"I've never settled for weakness. I've never used my amputation or my blindness as a weakness or an excuse. I've put myself through pain and i enjoy every moment of it, you know, and if i can motivate and inspire one person a day i feel like that's the job that the Lord kept me alive for on January 10th, 2007," Bradford said.

Part of President Trump's 2018 State of the Union Address involved acknowledging and honoring the heroism of his special guests in the audience. Corporal Bradford had a few words to say about that distinction when he was asked about it.

"It's been busy the last few days but I've enjoyed every minute of it. I love seeing Americans supportive of the military and supportive of their veterans and for the President to honor the veterans and the military at the the State of the Union address is a great honor ... it's an honor."

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