Kentucky sunflower growth stunted by hot, dry weather

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(WBKO) -- Regions of Kentucky experienced severe flooding so far this year, but farmers say this summer has generally been too dry for sunflowers to flourish.

Kevin Evans of Evans Orchard said most of Kentucky's rain this summer came earlier in the growing season. The hot and dry weather that followed stunted the growth of the sunflowers, which require lots of rain to thrive.

"We caught a bit of rain last week, and that kind of perked them up, so they jumped up about five or six feet," Evans said. "But it's been a challenge."

Evans said peak sunflower season usually hits around this time of year, meaning the flowers' seeds will start weighing down the plants at their current height. He said anyone hoping to see the sunflowers should visit before the weekend is over.

"I think we are pretty much finished once this weekend comes through, so we will just start making plans for next year."

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