Kentucky truckers concerned about limited parking options

Published: Nov. 21, 2019 at 7:11 AM CST
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Kentucky truckers are voicing concerns on parking availability throughout the state.

Drivers speaking to

said they are having difficulty finding places to park and rest during long trips, now that Walmart has hired a new security company to manage certain lots across the state.

The Kentucky Trucking Association said drivers are required to stop for 30 minute breaks and 10 hours of rest.

KTA President Rick Taylor said it's not just a Kentucky problem.

"If you drive any interstate in the morning or in the evening, you'll see drivers parked on exite and entry ramps," Taylor said. "Technically, that's illegal, but they need somewhere to stop and get their rest."

Truckers said they understand Walmart's change in policy but take issue with enforcement methods like booting trucks and issuing heavy fines.

Some truckers indicated signs warning drivers not to park in certain places hard to see. Others indicated security workers use deceptive tactics, such as knocking on a driver's door too quietly for the driver to hear before issuing fines.

Rest hours for truckers are federally mandated.

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