Kentucky unemployment claims above 600,000

Published: May. 9, 2020 at 8:33 PM CDT
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Since the outbreak of the pandemic, unemployment rates across the United States have skyrocketed.

The overall percentage of Americans who are unemployed at this time has reached its highest peak since the Great Depression.

The unemployment report for the week ending on May 2 shows the national unemployment rates and the number of claims filed on a state by state basis.

The state of Kentucky has been hit hard with those who are filing unemployment claims with the total coming to almost 700,000.

According to financial experts, Kentucky is a manufacturing state, and when large manufacturers shut down their plants that caused our unemployment numbers to grow larger than other states.

"The unemployment rate in Kentucky is primarily affected by the fact that we are very manufacturing-based particularly automotive manufacturing. So when Ford and Toyota closed their plants in April it created a ripple effect. Here in particular in South Central Kentucky, we have a lot of the manufacturing industry that actually provides supplies to the manufacturers so that is why we are feeling the ripple. We will be affected more economically than other states," said Jeanne Fisher, a certified financial planner.

All 50 states are offering an additional $600 weekly unemployment insurance payments under the CARE Act.

If you have yet to fill out unemployment claim and need to do so click