Kentucky woman performs at Inaugural concert

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WASHINGTON (Gray DC) A Kentucky woman is in Washington D.C. this week, taking part in the inauguration festivities.

Marlana VanHoose, 21, was chosen to perform at the Presidential Inaugural Concert on Thursday. The Kentucky native is no stranger to the spotlight. She’s a fixture at sporting events and political gatherings. However, she says Thursday’s performance was different.

"It's been an honor and a pleasure to sing here in front of a lot of people,” VanHoose said.

VanHoose who was born blind and has cerebral palsy, says she discovered her love for music at an early age.

“I started humming Jesus loves me as a baby before I could even talk,” she explained.

Just southwest of the Lincoln memorial, the Voices of the People concert features 14 marching bands and singing groups from all across the country.

"It's just a blessing to hear her sing and being able to serve this country,” said father, David VanHoose.

David VanHoose was in the crowd on Thursday. He says his daughter has never let her health issues stand in the way of her dreams.

“She works through them. She don't let them get her down,” he said. “She focuses on the positive and looks for guidance from the lord Jesus and just does what he wants her to do."

Now, Marlana is trying to send a message to the country.

"We are divided, we are turning away. I just pray that we can be united once again,” she explained.

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