Kentucky's legislature reconvenes Thursday for the final day of 2019 session

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(WBKO) -- Kentucky's legislature reconvenes Thursday for the final day of its 2019 session.

Since January 8th, the Kentucky General Assembly has passed 188 bills -- 65 Senate bills and 123 House bills. On Thursday, legislators will meet to wrap up several bills, some weighing more than others.

"The proposals that are still on the docket relate to a lot of other folks," said Governor Matt Bevin. "Like the quasi plans, the university plans, and some of these others."

House Bill 358 is a pension relief bill that was passed by the House, but voted down by the Senate.

"State university presidents are desperate for a solution," said Gov. Bevin.

The House and Senate will have to compromise on this bill in order to pass something.

"I think 358 will determine if it's a long day or not," said Representative Steve Riley, District 23.

If nothing is passed, contribution rates will explode when the next fiscal year begins July 1, according to reports.

"To change the future structure so they can deliver on the promise to the current folks," said Gov. Bevin.

The governor has specified he does plan to veto several things.

"This was a good session. And the ones I'm vetoing aren't ones that you would necessarily think of," added Gov. Bevin.

"Another bill as well, and I'm not even going to mention it because I don't know that it's been filed yet, but I am going to veto it. It was done with good intent but it will cost the state potentially millions of dollars which I don't think was anticipated," he explained.

Riley says as of now, Bevin has vetoed on bill completely and several lines of a particular bill. These vetoes will add to the legislature's to do list tomorrow.

"See if we agree with his vetoes or we vote to override his veto," said Rep. Riley.

Thursday could be a long day for lawmakers, with decisions that will no doubt impact Kentuckians.