Kim Parker's 2nd grade class

The JA Classroom of the Week is Kim Parker's’ 2nd grade class at St. Joseph School. Her class was led by long time JA Volunteer Dave Alexander who is the Vice President of Support Operations at Martin Management Group. The 2nd grade Junior Achievement program is titled “JA Our Community” and it introduces students to the intersection of work readiness and early elementary grades social studies learning objectives, including how citizens benefit from and contribute to a community's success. The lesson uses posters and games to offer practical information about businesses and the many jobs those businesses offer in a community. Students explore production methods through a simulation game, and they learn about taxes, decision making, and how money flows in an economy. Dave’s favorite part of volunteering for JA is having the opportunity to make learning fun for kids. He also said, “I value the opportunity to teach kids things that they need to know to be successful in life. JA is able to do that in a fun way that they enjoy.”