Kristen White’s 4th grade class

The JA Classroom of the Week is Kristen White’s 4 th grade class at Potter Gray Elementary. Her class was led by JA Volunteer Brandon Phillips who is the Chief Operating Officer at PRS. The 4 th grade Junior Achievement program is titled “JA Our Region” and it focuses on introducing students to entrepreneurship and how entrepreneurs use resources to produce goods and services in a region. Students operate a hypothetical hot dog stand to understand the fundamental tasks performed by a business owner and to track the revenue and expenses of a business. When asked what his favorite part of volunteering for JA was, Brandon said, “For me, it’s two-fold. First, I really enjoy getting to know the kids. You have the opportunity to meet and interact with so many unique personalities. Secondly, it is so rewarding to see the students’ excitement towards the JA content. As a volunteer, you always hope you are doing a good job and making an enjoyable experience for the kids. When you see that the kids are excited to see you and eager to participate in the dialogue and the activities it makes for a great experience.” He also said, “Hands down the coolest part of my experience was seeing the kids’ excitement towards entrepreneurship! In one particular activity they were tasked with creating, naming, and promoting a business. By the end of the activity, students were contracting with each other to exchange their services (not part of the activity). They detailed the pros and cons of the arrangements and negotiated fees and profit share arrangements. The kids were so excited; we continued our discussions all the way through lunch!”