Last C7 Stingray Corvette donated to the National Corvette Museum

Published: Nov. 20, 2019 at 6:30 PM CST
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The production of the Corvette C7 engine began with a Stingray and now, in 2019, is ending with one.

The last C7 front engine Stingray has been donated to the National Corvette Museum to make sure everyone can enjoy a unique piece of Corvette history.

"It's one of the last C7's. More importantly, it is the last C7 Stingray front engine. Stingray is the key there. Of course, with the 8th generation, they are moving to the mid-engine, so this is really the ending of a 66-year-long era," said Derek Moore, the director of collections.

The C7 donated to the museum also resembles important Corvette history with its white exterior and red interior.

"So the car is painted now what is arctic white and has a red interior. We chose that because that kind of the honors the first 300 Corvettes that were built in 1953. They were all polo white with a red interior," added Moore.

The C7 was donated to the museum by a man who has always enjoyed Corvettes, but also designed his own personal C7 with his wife -- making the C7 more unique to him than other Corvettes.

"The C7 Corvette that is being turned over has a special place in my heart. I've had a quite a number of Corvettes over the years and the Corvette that I had right now is a 2016 Z06 which is a C7 (this last generation) Corvette," said Ivan Schrodt, the donor.

The 2019 C7 Stingray will be in the Skydome in the National Corvette Museum for anyone who wants to get a glimpse of history.

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