Last Minute Halloween Shoppers

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- For 13 years the Big Orange Tent has been a fixture for Halloween in Bowling Green.

The folks at Halloween Express say sales have been good this year, even with the recent cold snap. They have even sold out of some items.
And they say each year shoppers wait longer than the year before to come in.

Malloreah Fields waited because her kids were sick, but now they're healthy, so she came in at the last minute to get them costumes. "My son's really into superheroes," said Malloreah, "so I'm gonna see what I can find, Superman, something like that."

Halloween Express says other last minute shoppers are people who find out about a party they didn't know about.The Big Orange Tent opens the third week of August each year, and closes with a half-off sale the first week of November.

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