Laurel Co. father, aunt charged after 2-year-old found in dog-feces covered home

Joey Ridener (l,) and Tammy Hammons (r,) are charged with first-degree criminal abuse. (Photos: Laurel County Detention Center)

LONDON, Ky. (WKYT) -- Deputies performing a welfare check ended up arresting two people at a home in Laurel County when they found a 2-year-old boy living in deplorable conditions.

Investigators went to the home off Park Subdivision Road around 11:30 a.m. Friday.

When they arrived and entered the home, deputies say they saw the toddler playing on the floor around dog feces and what appeared to be urine. They also say the boy's feet were covered in dog feces, with feces caked around his toes. The child was reportedly playing with a bottle of bleach.

Deputies further noted dog feces on table chairs, additional large piles of dog feces around the home, along with dirty dishes and trash piled up on the floor and countertops. They say there was a strong odor of ammonia in the home.

The boy’s father, 30-year-old Joey Ridener, and aunt, 35-year-old Tammy Hammons, reportedly told deputies they couldn’t remember the last time the child had been bathed.

Ridener and Hammons were charged with first-degree criminal abuse and taken to the Laurel County Detention Center.