Law enforcement memorial service to honor local fallen heroes

GLASGOW, Ky. (WBKO) -- Officers around the country were recognized today for their services during National Police Week.

"This is recognizing those police officers throughout our nation that have given the supreme sacrifice for their community in which they served," said former Glasgow Police Chief, Darrell Pickett.

Law enforcement in Glasgow joined the nation today honoring those fallen officers who've passed in recent years.

Three local men were recognized who passed away in the line of duty.

Barren County Sheriff's Deputy Earnest Franklin, who was killed in a car crash on Highway 90 in 2014.

Homicide Detective, Wayne Branham, who passed away in January 2011.

Rusty Anderson, Detective with the Barren County Sheriff's Office, died of a heart attack while assisting his fellow officers with an investigation just last march.

"Keepin his memory alive, I mean, means the world to us," said Rusty Anderson's brother, Jamie Anderson.

"This week is to remember those police officers who did pay the supreme sacrifice," said Officer Pickett.

"He loved his community, he loved doing what he could, he would always smile about it," said Anderson.

"They were born and raised in this community and we miss them dearly and they served the community greatly in the department they belonged too and they're greatly missed," said Officer Pickett.

Rusty Anderson's brother says after his death, he finally understood the "officer brotherhood."

"I told somebody earlier, if you were there the day he died, the county, the city, the state police, the EMT's, I mean you actually see what it's like to be a brotherhood," said Anderson.

To this day, a year after Officer Anderson's death, his fellow officers still check in on his family. "There's no way to put it into words what they mean to us even to this day."

"I've gone out many many times in my job and thinking, "Will I go home tonight? I don't know, and nobody knows, but we need police officers. As far as our community, our city, county, I think we have the greatest so I just want people to support our police officers," said Officer Pickett.

"Thank the community and thank our officials for everything they've done for us. That's all you can say," said Anderson.

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