Liquor stores offering alternatives to in-store shopping

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) - Liquor stores are taking steps to ensure they're following the social distancing guidelines implemented by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

To help keep social distancing, Liquor Barn is encouraging its customers to utilize either curbside pick up or delivery.

"We now we have a responsibility as a business, that has been deemed essential, to make sure we're keeping that social distancing," said Katie Thompson, the general manager of Liquor Barn's Bowling Green location.

Customers can place an order through the store's website or app or call Liquor Barn directly. When placing the order, customers can specify whether they want curbside pickup or delivery.

"We really want people to take advantage of those options," Thompson said. "So whatever is most convenient for people, we can do it."

Once the customer arrives for their curbside pickup order, all they need to do is call the store and an employee will bring the order out to their car.

Thompson said employees still need to check ID's but can check through the car window, limiting person-to-person contact to little to none.

"Pop the trunk, hold up your ID to the window," Thompson said. "We can verify that you're of age then put your items in the trunk."

Liquor Barn is also taking steps to ensure social distancing inside the store. Signs are posted throughout the store reminding people to stay six feet apart from one another. The floors are even taped by the cash registers to indicate were six feet apart is to help keep customers from standing to close while waiting to checkout.

"We're just keeping an eye on everyone and making sure they're keeping to those guidelines," Thompson said.

Other liquor stores have taken steps to follow social distancing such as becoming drive-through only.

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