Local EMS personnel react to Las Vegas mass shooting

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- How would our local EMS and hospital personnel react to a situation like in Las Vegas?

Photo: ZUMA Press/MGN

Medical Center EMS Operations Manager, Jim Williams, says no one can ever really be prepared for a mass shooting like that, but he says they do their best to be ready for anything.

He says Med Ctr EMS and other ambulance services are constantly working on Mass Casualty Response. Area hospitals cooperate with each other in developing disaster training, as well.

And a Regional Healthcare Coalition meets every month to plan for disasters just like what happened in Vegas. "We work on equipment and policies and trainings," says Williams, "so that we can deal with all the different types of events that might strain the healthcare system like acts of violence or hazardous materials releases and natural disasters, things like that."

Williams says there's a program statewide that allows units in the field to put patients in the system, so the hospitals know how many patients to expect and what their conditions are. And the hospitals can let the ambulances know when they're getting full, and need to divert patients to a different hospital.

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