Local UAW 2164 post votes 'No' on terms of new contract with GM

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Local UAW 2164 has voted "No" to the terms of a new contract agreement with General Motors.

For over a month UAW employees nationwide have been picketing as negotiations have continued between the UAW and General Motors in Michigan.

This week, each local UAW post will vote on the terms of the new contract. Local UAW President Jack Bowers says he remains divided about the terms of the deal.

"I'm kind of mixed on it, I mean there is good in it and there's some that's not so good. You don't want anyone to be mistreated or just not treated the same as you and there's some of that in there," said Bowers. "For either seniority reasons or just reasons beyond what I know of because I wasn't in the negotiations but you just hate to see everything not come out good for everybody. So it's kinda mixed, so I really have reservations both ways."

The vote will continue nationwide this week with results expected to be tallied by Friday. If the majority accept the terms of the new contract, workers will be required to start working again regardless if a local chapter votes no.

*If the national majority do vote in favor of the new deal, all UAW employees could return back to work on Monday.