Local apartment growth booms in Bowling Green

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- A surge in apartment structures has hit the Bowling Green area, thanks to our expanding community.

President and Owner of Chandler Property Management Mike Simpson says local business is what keeps the housing market thriving.

"Our chamber of commerce here is strong, doing great things to help grow the business community here, and with the business community comes jobs, with jobs comes the need for housing," Simpson stated.

As apartment construction and leasing take off locally, Mike Simpson also believes the Bowling Green community fits the bill for the living option.

"Bowling Green is a bit of a transitional community. Somebody that might move here may say 'let's rent for a year.' Or somebody that's a non-traditional international student who's coming here for two to three years prefers the flexibility of renting versus buying and having to sell that home."

And being a college town, the owner and president of Chandler Property Management says non-commitment can appeal to a big generation.

"There are a lot of millennials that like the convenience of renting, closing the door, locking up, being able to travel and do those things," Mike Simpson added.

One Western Kentucky University student currently apartment hunting would agree to that conclusion.

"It's definitely not a commitment at all. Like, you just put money towards a temporary living space, and then maybe one day you can grow up and actually get like a real house. But, I'm fine with an apartment right now," WKU student Imagine McCollum stated.

While the apartment construction and leasing continues, Mike Simpson says the continual growth in the market will eventually face one simple law.

"The question becomes, when is there more supply than we need? I think that's the question for everyone. For developers, lenders, and I get a sense that we may be approaching a saturation point."

A boom in apartment living, impacting the Bowling Green community.

Chandler Property Management President and Owner Mike Simpson along with his business partner, David Chandler, are interested in the apartment growth as well.

Mike Simpson mentioned that he and David Chandler are expanding their business to the Paducah, Owensboro and the Evansville markets.

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