Local baby fighting stage four cancer

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ALVATON, Ky. (WBKO) -- Molly Hughes was born on July 8 of this year - a completely healthy baby girl.

The day after Thanksgiving, Molly's parents took her to the emergency room for a hard and swollen tummy. As parents of two, Chelsea and Robbie Hughes received heartbreaking news.

Nearly five months old, Molly was diagnosed with stage four Neuroblastoma.

"The tumor is sitting on her liver and behind her kidney. The cancer has spread to her bone marrow. She has part of the cancer behind on her skull, around her eye sockets," explained Chelsea, Molly's mother.

"As far as we know she didn't have it when she was born, she was perfectly healthy," said Robbie, Molly's father.

After spending the past 16 days at Vanderbilt, the journey is just now getting started.

"She will have five rounds of chemo, they'll do surgery to remove the tumor, she'll have a bone marrow transplant and then possibly radiation if she needs it," said Chelsea.

They say the Bowling Green community is among the biggest support system.

"It's overwhelming with the amount of support we've gotten from everybody," said Robbie.

"It just gives us peace knowing so many people are praying for her and supporting her," said Chelsea.

"Just keep them coming, that's all we can ask for...Keep the prayers coming," asked Robbie.

They say the prayers are working.

"She's doing 100 times better this past week. I mean she looks like a new baby and she's smiling all the time," said Chelsea.

Nonetheless, every day brings about a new challenge.

"It's just been hard having to watch her sit there in a hospital bed with all kinds of stuff hooked up to her, you pretty much feel helpless," said Robbie.

The challenge goes both ways- for Molly and her family.

"The doctors keep telling us that she's so young she won't remember it- that we're fighting the mental battle and she's fighting the physical battle."

All they are doing now is taking it day by day. Their faith is getting them through.

"We'll look back and show her pictures when she's older, look what you went through, you little fighter," said Chelsea.

"This princess is ready to fight cancer because ever since she was born, I've called her my little princess," said Chelsea reading her daughter's shirt.

There will be a fundraiser tomorrow from 4 p.m. - 9 p.m. at Jersey Mike's Subs" in Bowling Green. If you're unable to attend but want to give, you can donate on Molly's GoFundMe page here. To follow along with updates, check out Prayers for Molly Facebook page.

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