Local businesses start celebrating the holiday season

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The holiday season will be here before we know it, and for some it's already here. 13 News visited some local Bowling Green shops Thursday to see how they're preparing for the festive season.

"It's never too early," says Heart Strings manager, Lisa Holman about celebrating the holiday season.

Even though Thanksgiving hasn't arrived yet, many local businesses have been gearing up for the holiday season for awhile now.

"We started working on it about two or three weeks before, and everybody, all the girls here have just pitched in and done a wonderful job," says Holman.

In Bowling Green, Chatters and Heart Strings celebrate at their Christmas open house all this week.

"It goes through Sunday, we do this every year it's 20% off store wide," says Holman.

The Archives, a family owned comic book shop is doing the same.

"November, December has a huge increase for us as it does for any retailer, but of course it's different because now you're fighting against Amazon, E-bay, Walmart online all these places online," says Mike McKinney, owner of The Archives.

McKinney says their customer demographic is 6 to 90-years-old.

"It's a huge niche market, people love to collect people get comics. They tend to say, 'they're my collection' and they put them back in the closet and close the door," says McKinney.

The Archives has seen demands in a certain thing this year, especially around this time of year when it comes to buying presents.

"The most popular thing this year has been the pop vinyls - the Funko Pops - these have come out of nowhere the last ten to fifteen years," says McKinney.

Heart Strings is already selling out of festive items as well.

"The hot thing now is snow globes, so I'm trying to get some more snow globes because we've sold out of them," says Holman.

While these are two very different shops, both have community values which make it feel like the holiday season all year round.

"Our customers are just so precious, they're just so wonderful. We have repeat customers. Actually this week we've had several women come in here every day to shop," says Holman.

"You're like family. That's what we wanna do, a family home comic shop," says McKinney.​

The Archives will host a comic and toy show December 2 and 3 at the Hyatt Place at WKU.

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