Local businesses undergo active shooter training

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- It's how thousands of people had been taught to handle a lock-down situation.

"Duck and cover," turning yourself into a sitting target.

As the casualties piled up, instructors with the "Alice" program said enough.

"We have to look at training who the true first responders are, which are the people that are involved in these," said Alice Instructor Antonio Castillo.

Alice stood for alert, lock-down, inform, counter and evacuate.

"Alice protocols basically teach us to be active. Instead of doing nothing, we're doing something," said Safety Specialist T.C. Bush.

As an active shooter, it was much more difficult to go into the modern lock-down situation and aim a weapon accurately, giving people options for their survival.

After completing the course Graves Gilbert Facilities Manager, Brian Packard, said he had no doubt it was possible to survive an active shooter.

"I think we have to change our views as a whole. The community, organizations like ours have to change our views on what the approperiate response is and not allow them to have the only control."

If you passed the training course, Castillo said you were then certified to teach the life-saving techniques to others.

"That's what the whole focus on this two day training is about, certifying them as instructors. So they know that they're going to be going back and they're going to be delivering the program to people."

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