Local church with strong ties to Billy Graham

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ALLEN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) -- American Evangelist, Billy Graham passed away Wednesday morning.

With strong ties to a local church, Deacons at Trammel Fork Church in Allen County reflected on the sad news.

"The Lord's lost a warrior, the Lord has lost a warrior," said Richard Paris, Deacon/Clerk/Trustee/Sunday School teacher at Trammel Fork Baptist Church.

Perhaps this small church in Southcentral Kentucky plays a role in Billy Graham's story more than you know.

"Roger Williams, one of the first Baptist ministers to cross the Atlantic in protest of the church of England," said Paris.

A Trammel Fork pastor for 40 years in the 19th and 20th century, Mordecai F. Ham Senior was the great-great-great grandson of Roger Williams.

"Then his son, Tobias, he became pastor here for two years after Mordecai Senior did. At that time we figured Mordecai Junior, the grandson that was an Evangelist from Texas to the Carolinas. The little kid was running around here," said Paris.

In 1934, Mordecai Junior held a revival in North Carolina.

"And low and behold, Billy Graham accepted the Lord at that revival." "I've learned one thing in life and there's no coincidences. He was supposed to be at that revival," said Paris.

So Graham's story goes-- Graham went on to preach to over 215 million people in his lifetime. Many presidents relied on Graham for spiritual guidance.

"We're so fortunate to have that be apart of our history here at Trammel Fork Church here in Allen County," said Paris.

"This laying hand on hand goes all the way back to Jesus. I don't wanna leave Jesus out of this because he's the one. It isn't Mordecai Junior, or Senior, or even Roger Williams. That's the most important statement there."

"That's where it goes back to-- Jesus and what he did on the cross," said Paris. "From Billy Graham to Jesus. On this rock I build my church, and Satan won't prevail."

In 2002, Trammel Baptist Church was established as a historical landmark for their ties to Billy Graham on their 200th anniversary.

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