Local counties ready for closings and unsafe road conditions

Published: Jan. 5, 2017 at 5:01 PM CST
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An early dismissal Thursday morning leaves Barren County students excited and local authorities like Barren County Associate Superintendent Mark Wallace cautious over potential weather hazards.

"Student safety is the most important thing for us to consider, and we will always air on that side of caution when making decisions about our students," associate superintendent Mark Wallace stated.

"We began receiving reports that we were getting some snow up in the northern part of the district, some accumulation, not a lot, but that coupled with additional snow potentially this afternoon, we felt like it was best to dismiss school early," Wallace added.

As winter continues to push forward in the south central Kentucky area, Mark Wallace says the Barren County School District has a system to keep the roads in check during snowfall.

"We have spotters, bus drivers who assist us in looking at roads. We rely of course on WBKO weather, Chris Allen. And, taking all of those things in to consideration, we felt like we had an opportunity to get our students home safely without having to encounter any snow in their way back home."

While school authorities make sure each of their students get home safe, Barren County Judge Executive Micheal Hale knows it's all about the preparation before the winter weather hits.

"They've been preparing for this for several months now. It's a lot about making sure this equipment is safe to operate."

As the trucks lay down the liquid road salt on the county roads, Micheal Hale urges the locals to reconsider before driving during during dangerous conditions.

"If you don't have to be out, please don't be out. We have some of the best emergency services in the county, or in the state of Kentucky. So, and they're going to come if you call them, but you got to understand you're putting their life in danger when they're coming to help you."

County-wide preparations to keep you safe in the snow.

With more snow days and winter weather advisories ahead of us this winter season, stay up to date with the latest weather and closing alerts with our WBKO app.

If you click on "settings" then click "closings," you can choose which counties you receive alerts for.

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