Local eye doctors report no complaints so far after eclipse

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Local eye doctors say as of Tuesday afternoon, they haven't received any calls related to possible eye damage from the eclipse.

"We haven't gotten any calls or complaints yet anyway, and I would say it's unlikely we will. The symptoms from -- it's called solar retinopathy -- they usually arise between a few minutes to a few hours after viewing something like a solar eclipse," says Eric Downing, an ophthalmologist with Downing Eye Care.

Downing recommends that if anyone ever feels like they're having blurry vision or seeing spots, it's best to see an eye doctor.

We called other local ophthalmology offices Tuesday who say the same -- so far no calls about any possible damage from the eclipse. They say it seems like people wore the proper solar viewers and eye protection.

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